dermal toxicity

dermal toxicity,

n an adverse skin reaction to the application of essential oils and other substances; includes irritation, (inflammation, itching) sensitization (reactions occurring after initial contact), and phototoxicity, (increased vulnerability to sun).
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The acute dermal toxicity test for SDGE was approved by the IACUC of Silla University (Busan, Korea; no.
Test Guidelines that use fewer animals to determine acute inhalation and acute dermal toxicity (TG 433 and TG 402)
However, such a conclusion requires that the relative dermal toxicity of the monoester is comparable to that of the parent compound.
Unlike poison ivy or poison sumac, there appears to be no dermal toxicity (skin rash) associated with pokeweed.
The composition exhibits at least one of the following: an acute oral toxicity of about > 5000mg/kg, an acute dermal toxicity of about > 5000mg/kg, an acute eye irritation of slight corneal opacity and reversible eye irritation within 7 days, and/or an acute dermal irritation of moderate irritation at 72 hours that is reversible; and the composition is dermal non-sensitizer.
Because ET and OS either cause or contribute to dermal toxicity, and AOs may offer protection therefrom, policy makers and researchers may be better positioned to prevent human dermatotoxicity.
Dermal toxicity can become "treatment limiting," the labeling says.
Overview of human three-dimensional (3D) skin models used for dermal toxicity assessment--part 1.
For determination of dermal toxicity, aforementioned test chemical was sprayed on the cockroaches and the mortality was observed after 3, 7 and 14 days.