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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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863-9(f), Example 11 (provider of Internet access derives communication income; replication of sites to speed up response considered de minimis).
Thus, the taxpayer must engage directly in the space or ocean activity in order to derive SPOCI.
At least part of crude oil -- the portion comprising long carbon chains -- may derive from a previously unrecognized class of large, degradation-resistant biological molecules present in the cell walls of certain algae and in the protective coating, or cuticle, of many plant leaves.
When a Luxembourg resident derives income or owns capital that may be taxed in the U.
Triangular rule: Like the treaties with Luxembourg and Switzerland, this rule imposes a 15% withholding tax when a resident of South Africa derives interest or royalties from the U.
While the Connecticut compost derives from a mixture of three parts household waste to one part filler, New York's comprises two parts leaves and two parts chipped Christmas trees to one part municipal waste.
By definition, the true consumer or home user derives no income from the DCC applications.
For that perhaps is what the practice of aesthetics was for Lyotard in his many phases and derives - not a "theory," not a "method," not a "correctness," but rather a kind of intelligence, ever on the move.
As long as each vendor in the production chain retains the benefits and burdens of ownership during its MPGE of its own items of QPP, the gross receipts each derives from the sale of its own products to a downstream customer will be included within its DPGR.
Other players such as Derives Resiniques ET Terpeniqes (DRT) (France), Arizona Chemical LLC (U.
BEA derives seasonally adjusted estimates of the QCEW data using the X-12 ARIMA seasonal adjustment routine from the Census Bureau.
Professional - The professional group includes end users or facilities that derive primary income directly from using a DCC software application, such as a professional animator, post-production facility or audio recording studio.