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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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A panel of speakers from Sri Lanka and overseas will deriver technical concepts and principles that can be applied practically to deliver immediate benefit.
Ceux-ci peuvent deriver des differents symboles, gestes et attitudes faits ou evoques par les protagonistes au cours de la ceremonie.
But the serenity of the restaurant, coupled with a menu that doesn't always deriver and decor that self-consciously tries to intimate a cavalier yet classy wine country flare (fake grapevines climbing the walls being the most egregious example), puts Capers dangerously close to becoming stale.
The last thing Houellebecq's books deriver is quantity or quality of anecdote; indeed, they are catalogues of life's most mundane, not to say Sisyphean, activities: getting drunk, watching television, preparing frozen dinners, and getting drunk again.
Psychologists deriver results, Learn about integrated Communication Audits, Strategic LiteracySM Assessments, Relationship LaddersSM and Deep DialogSM Audits.
D'autres variantes s'appuient sur des hypotheses d'homomorphisme (4) entre les regions afin de deriver les demandes nettes des produits.
4) La plus grande contribution du livre de Graham Allison fut de demontrer l'utilite de developper des modeles differents d'analyses pour expliquer un evenement, de deriver des propositions qui peuvent etre mises a l'epreuve et enfin, de tester ces propositions.
Twenty-nine percent of respondents admitted that they do not have "an organized and systematic way to deriver CI," including 14 percent with more than $1 billion in revenue.
Djankov can deriver that and explain how Africa's number one problem-corruption--can only be cut by introducing the rule of law.
Our goal is to enhance our mission accomplishment and deriver a combat-credible Navy now and in the future," Clark said in his 2004 Guidance.
Another main reason has to do with whether or not a male will actually deriver on the promise of parental care.
Harding at the Iliff School of Theology in Deriver, Colorado, as part of the Veterans of Hope Project, documenting in word and video the stories of social justice activists.