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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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The quantity of cells that can be derived from placenta, however, is much greater than the amount that can be derived from umbilical cord blood, making the placenta the more abundant source.
If the discount rate is derived from public market data, more often than not it is reflective of a minority interest and the value derived would be a minority interest.
In Calgary, 12 cents of every dollar of income was derived from transfer payments--Old Age Security, social assistance and other public payment systems.
While DPGR generally do not include gross receipts derived from services (except for certain construction, engineering and architectural services), the gross receipts of certain services may be included in DPGR under Notice 2005-14, Section 4.
The Codex Alimentarius Commission at its twenty-sixth session in 2003 adopted overarching principles on the risk analysis of foods derived from modern biotechnology and guidelines for food safety assessment of foods derived from recombinant--DNA micro-organisms.
DPGR includes those gross receipts derived from three broad categories:
Other isoprenoids include the flavoring menthol, carotenoids (useful for combating ultraviolet damage), and Taxol (an anticancer agent derived from the Pacific yew).
Only 216,000 tons (or 7 percent) was derived from scrap in 2000, much lower than the 480,000 tons (22 percent) of copper from refined scrap in 1989.
Precision is the auditor's measure of the potential effectiveness of an analytical procedure, and therefore of the degree of reliance that can be placed on the procedure and the audit assurance (reduction in audit risk) derived from it.
Presently, twenty of the best selling drugs come from natural sources and 25% of all prescription drugs contain active compounds originally derived from or patterned after compounds derived from plants.
Primary Cell Usage Types of cells used in research Future plans to use primary cells Plans to evaluate the use of differentiated or progenitor cells derived from ECSs Percentage of mammalian cell culture performed by cell type Type of research for which primary cells are most often used Types of animal species from which cells are used Types of normal primary cells currently used in research Types of diseased tissue from which primary cells are derived Sources of primary cell types-including adult stem cells: isolated and established in the lab, obtained from a colleague or purchased from a commercial supplier
It can encompass multipotent cells derived from both marrow tissue and other non-marrow tissues.