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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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Their views, which are chiefly held in America, are in large measure derived from William James, and before going further it will be well to consider the revolutionary doctrine which he advocated.
The interests of this school are in general philosophy and the philosophy of the sciences, rather than in psychology; they have derived a strong impulsion from James, but have more interest than he had in logic and mathematics and the abstract part of philosophy.
Conrad and his colleagues examined two groups of mice that involve myeloid derived suppressor cells, where the first group was infected with a rodent intestinal helminth to simulate a strong allergic response.
Our ability to deliver high quality and non-shellfish derived glucosamine products provides TSI with a unique global leadership position to readily supply, without any regulatory restrictions, competitively priced, and EU compliant (substantial-equivalent) glucosamine products.
Estimates for the first three quarters of 2009 have been derived using seasonally adjusted industry data based on concurrent seasonal factors (seasonal factors for each quarter are derived using all available data over the last 10 years), and estimates for each quarter reflect the best quarter-to-quarter percent change for each industry.
If the discount rate is derived from public market data, more often than not it is reflective of a minority interest and the value derived would be a minority interest.
In Calgary, 12 cents of every dollar of income was derived from transfer payments--Old Age Security, social assistance and other public payment systems.
NASDAQ:CYTX) (Frankfurt:XMPA) is discovering and developing proprietary cell-based therapeutics utilizing adult stem and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue, also known as fat.
For example, some Canadian academic libraries employ paraprofessionals for derived and/or original cataloging within particular subject areas.
Precision is the auditor's measure of the potential effectiveness of an analytical procedure, and therefore of the degree of reliance that can be placed on the procedure and the audit assurance (reduction in audit risk) derived from it.
The procedure is painful to derive MSCs from bone marrow and cells derived are not easy to purify[1];
After transplantation, the circulating placenta-derived ECFCs formed significantly more blood vessels in vivo than the ECFCs derived from umbilical cord blood, indicating not only that there are inherent functional differences between resident and circulating ECFC populations, but that the placenta-derived cells are more vasculogenic," Murphy noted.