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Purification; removal of waste products or foul excretions.


(1) Purification. 
(2) Waste treatment.


The process of freeing from impurities.
depurative, adjective

depuration (dēˈ·pyˑ·rā·shn),

n in environmental medicine, the cleansing of impurities from the body.
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Because the waters were uncertified, the state allowed the Tallmadge Company of South Norwalk and other fishermen to transplant the quahogs to their certified leased beds for depuration.
His indignation is directed, for instance, against the local "comite de depuration," which he describes as typically composed of "the bourgeois landowner or his foreman, the sacristan, the curate or his housekeeper, and young phalangists drunk with the fear they inspire.
2009), to the best of our knowledge very few data are available on the depuration rate of PFAAs due to lactation.
Bio-accumulation of chemical elements has been described as an equilibrium between the rate of uptake and the rate of depuration of such metals in organisms [25].
Depuration of oysters (<i>Crassostrea gigas<i>) contaminated with <i>Vibrio parahaemolyticus<i> and <i>Vibrio vulnificus<i> with UV light and chlorinated seawater.
Specifically, the project achieved:compliance of the Butrinti Lagoon (where mussels are produced) with European Commission standards for sanitary assessment;certification of the Butrinti Lagoon for mussel depuration and purification;strengthening of the diagnostic capacities of the Butrinti Lagoon's laboratory to meet European Union reference laboratory standards for E.
Rea WI, Pan Y, Iohnson AR, et at Reduction of chemical sensitivity by means of heat depuration, physical therapy, and nutritional supplementation in a controlled environment.
For example, this is the case in public procurement of defense systems, aeronautic and space equipment, or specific construction facilities such as water depuration plants, airports, or electric power plants.
In fact, depuration experiments demonstrated no decrease in titers against hepatitis A virus over a 23-hour cleansing period (7).
Far infrared sauna therapy offers a component of depuration and offers a variety of health benefits to regular users including the removal of toxins in the body leading to increased health and brain function.
Worms did not undergo a period of depuration before Hg analysis as this could have removed Hg from tissue as well as from gut.