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Purification; removal of waste products or foul excretions.


(1) Purification. 
(2) Waste treatment.


The process of freeing from impurities.
depurative, adjective

depuration (dēˈ·pyˑ·rā·shn),

n in environmental medicine, the cleansing of impurities from the body.
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The exposure period was followed by 8 days of depuration (detoxification), when scallops were fed with nontoxic Alexandrium margalefi.
cholerae non-O1, but the depuration process was ineffective (Marino et al.
2002), and differences in the level of recovery after depuration probably relate to diverse modes of sexual differentiation found between species.
The foreseen results of the project include:1) Measures to reduce off flavour in RAS2) Low off flavour RAS design3) A bioreactor for geosmin and MIB removal from RAS4) Measures to improve off flavour depuration processes5) Design of optimal off flavour depuration facility6) Trained sensory panels
During an 11-hr depuration period after removal of DCA-fortified drinking water, plasma levels of DCA rapidly dropped to 10 [+ or -] 2 ng/mL (Figure 1).
The aim of this study was to elucidate the accumulation and depuration of YTXs in Mytilus edulis and Crassostrea gigas of the North Sea, which are important for German fishery and shellfish industries.
However, the level of fat and the level of environmental chemicals in breast milk require consideration of several factors beyond the degree and duration of exposure, the effects of depuration, and the time of sampling during lactation.
Several studies considering the relationship between toxic dinoflagellates and the shellfish industry are available and deal mainly with toxin uptake, anatomic distribution, and depuration (Bricelj & Shumway 1998), but they also have examined the direct effects of the toxic algae on bivalve species.
Their models predicted that initially high body burdens declined as a result of infant body weight increases, depuration of residues, and reduced doses due to declines of residues of TCDD in mother's milk.
Contract notice: construction of a 550 eh depuration station at rosires
2016), depuration of phycotoxins (Svensson & Forlin 2004), other metabolic and toxicological studies (Ansell & Sivadas 1973, Xu et al.
Bioaccumulation and depuration of chromium in the selected organs and whole body tissues of freshwater fish Cirrhinus mrigala individually and in binary solutions with nickel.