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Purification; removal of waste products or foul excretions.


(1) Purification. 
(2) Waste treatment.


The process of freeing from impurities.
depurative, adjective

depuration (dēˈ·pyˑ·rā·shn),

n in environmental medicine, the cleansing of impurities from the body.
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Fish exposed to effluent at both WwTWs during early life and then transferred to clean water at 60 dph to depurate had disrupted ducts at the end of the study, indicating this effect was permanent.
The delay would allow for females to depurate pyrene for a longer period of time, leading to decreased pyrene in the oocytes, and less severe effects on the developing embryo, as compared to exposed females who immediately produced a brood after mating with solvent-control males.
The collectors were retrieved in July 2010, and crabs were held in the laboratory for 24 h to depurate.
1998) to guard against the introduction of zebra mussels, this quarantine could also offer the opportunity for mussels to depurate pathogens.
Upon arrival, the mussels were cleared of epibionts, placed in groups of 20 organisms in Nestier boxes suspended inside a 2-ton fiberglass tank filled with filtered seawater (10 [micro]m, 35 [+ or -1] 1 [per thousand], 26[degrees]C), and let to depurate for 48-72 h before the inducement of spawning.
To conduct each experiment, 30 individual bivalve molluscs of one species were held for 48 h in FSW to depurate previously-consumed algae and become acclimated to the experimental conditions (20[degrees]C in a temperature-controlled room with 24-h light).
The clams were, therefore, allowed to depurate over 72 h in the current study, after which all animals were collected for dissection, condition index, and inorganic content measurements.