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Seen here are increases in resolution, depth of focus and contrast that are far better then conventional optical methods.
More conversions are expected as customers consider to take advantage of increased depth of focus latitude for 65-nm applications now that immersion processes are becoming mature enough for production deployment.
Fujinon, a sister company to Fujifilm USA, will also showcase the next generation of Precision Focus Assist, a built-in feature addressing the precise focus needs for HDTV production due to the shallow depth of focus of HD and lack of size and resolution in camera viewfinders.
The yield-related depth of focus of the immersion scanner is almost twice that of the dry scanner.
The problem with ultra-close-up photography is keeping sharp depth of focus, because the lens is very close to the subject.
Immersion lithography differs from conventional "dry" lithography in that the air between the wafer and the lens is replaced with water to improve depth of focus and extend wavelengths to lower nodes.
POLANO improves image contrast by 20 percent, resulting in superior resolution, depth of focus, and critical dimension (CD) uniformity.
Locke said, "The HighBeam database of 33 million articles going back almost 25 years is the best resource I've found for adding historical depth of focus to the sort of stuff I write about.