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The hands-free digital technology demonstrator marries two solutions to the depth of field problem, he said.
Using that distance as the farthest useful distance and subtracting the depth of field at the indicated iris setting yields the nearest distance at which the target would be in focus.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Americas Corporation today unveiled a breakthrough in machine vision with new digital video cameras that provide up to five times[1] the depth of field of traditional industrial cameras while maintaining brightness.
Shooting with the aperture wide-open, such as f/4, results in a shallow depth of field, which is great for portraits or other shots where the background is distracting or you want to isolate the subject.
1999) as an innovative film director who utilized deep focus or depth of field.
Even a glance at Tichy's cameras--some of which were included in the show--cobbled together using cardboard and salvaged parts, would provide a clue as to what the images look like: Focus is uncertain, depth of field minimal, bleeding light recurrent.
The Leica M520 F40 provides bright illumination and outstanding depth of field for otolaryngology or spine surgery.
By weaning themselves away from conventional optics, some researchers are bestowing microscopes and other optical instruments with extraordinarily crisp focusing powers across their entire field of view--a characteristic known as extended depth of field.
The seemingly minor lighting, depth of field and other subtle adjustments that result in professional level results are emphasized.
Third, RCA's sound is well lit, dean, and exceedingly smooth, losing only a little in ultimate depth of field, with the engineer's hand sometimes too noticeable in its imaging and dynamics.
The device incorporates technology that increases the patient's depth of field, thereby improving near vision.