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1. To take something from someone or something.
2. To keep from possessing or enjoying something.

Patient discussion about deprive

Q. what are the affects of sleep deprivation, and can I counteract them? I’m a college student and I’ve been sleeping for 5-6 hours a night for the past month…what symptoms should I expect? And how can I counteract them?

A. I studied this just 2 days ago:

Studies on sleep deprivation are actually beginning to show that people do not require as much sleep as traditionally taught. While sleep deficits effect first auditory acuity, and can even cause people to go into what are called microsleeps, researchers are finding that when people are being deprived of sleep they actually sleep more efficiently (spending more time in stages 3 and 4 of sleep) The problem is that people do not train themselves properly to shortened sleep periods, thus stuggle to adapt when they cannot receive the customary eight hours. Ideally, with adequate control and preperation, people can sleep for 4 hours a night and be fully cognatively functional.

(DaVinci purportedly survived on 15min cat naps taken every four hours his entire adult life, and he was certainly on his toes)

Just thought you'de find that interesting

See Pinel's chapter on Sleep in his text "Biopsychology" for more. (Pinel, 2009)


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The National Children's Bureau has found that while there are more instances of ill-health, obesity and tooth decay in poorer regions of England, some deprived areas buck the trend.
The European Commission has approved today the Lithuanian Operational Programme to use the new Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD).
At Key Stage 3, in 2012, 90% of the most deprived areas saw the pupils living there get a lower average points score than in 2008.
Islamabad -- Over 51 million children deprived of school, due to poor policies of government, UNICEF told.
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Gamblers in Scotland's most deprived estates are twice as likely to bet on high-stakes slot machines as those in the country's wealthiest areas.
Of the 18,373 adults who set a quit date, a third (32%) were from the most deprived quintile and a further quarter (24%) from the second most deprived quintile.
The victim student informed the court that the accused along with his four accomplices deprived him of eyesight and the police was protecting the accused by not holding appropriate investigation.
Momin said that NGO named FAO deprived many land owners of their portion seeds and sold it in markets.