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loss or absence of parts, organs, powers, or things that are needed.
emotional deprivation deprivation of adequate and appropriate interpersonal or environmental experience, usually in the early developmental years.
maternal deprivation the result of premature loss or absence of the mother or of lack of proper mothering; see also maternal deprivation syndrome.
sensory deprivation a condition in which an individual receives less than normal sensory input. It can be caused by physiological, motor, or environmental disruptions. Effects include boredom, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, confusion, and inaccurate perception of sensory stimuli. Auditory and visual hallucinations and disorientation in time and place indicate perceptual distortions due to sensory deprivation. Symptoms can be produced by solitary confinement, loss of sight or hearing, paralysis, and even by ordinary hospital bed rest.
sleep deprivation a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as prolonged periods of time without sleep (sustained, natural, periodic suspension of relative consciousness).
thought deprivation blocking (def. 2).


Absence, loss, or withholding of something needed.


/dep·ri·va·tion/ (dep-rĭ-va´shun) loss or absence of parts, powers, or things that are needed.
emotional deprivation  deprivation of adequate and appropriate interpersonal or environmental experience in the early development years.
sensory deprivation  deprivation of usual external stimuli and the opportunity for perception.


Etymology: L, deprivare, to deprive
the loss of something considered valuable or necessary by taking it away or denying access to it. In experimental psychology, animal or human subjects may be deprived of something desired or expected for study of their reactions.


The complete or nearly complete lack of direct access to adequate amenities, housing, employment opportunities etc. Levels of deprivation can be assessed with the standard Townsend measurement, which is based on car ownership, property ownership, unemployment and overcrowding.


Absence, loss, or withholding of something needed.


Failure to obtain or to be provided with a sufficiency of the material, intellectual or spiritual requirements for normal development and happiness.


A condition of having too little of something.
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loss or absence of parts, organs, powers or things that are needed.

deprivation test
see water deprivation test.

Patient discussion about deprivation

Q. what are the affects of sleep deprivation, and can I counteract them? I’m a college student and I’ve been sleeping for 5-6 hours a night for the past month…what symptoms should I expect? And how can I counteract them?

A. I studied this just 2 days ago:

Studies on sleep deprivation are actually beginning to show that people do not require as much sleep as traditionally taught. While sleep deficits effect first auditory acuity, and can even cause people to go into what are called microsleeps, researchers are finding that when people are being deprived of sleep they actually sleep more efficiently (spending more time in stages 3 and 4 of sleep) The problem is that people do not train themselves properly to shortened sleep periods, thus stuggle to adapt when they cannot receive the customary eight hours. Ideally, with adequate control and preperation, people can sleep for 4 hours a night and be fully cognatively functional.

(DaVinci purportedly survived on 15min cat naps taken every four hours his entire adult life, and he was certainly on his toes)

Just thought you'de find that interesting

See Pinel's chapter on Sleep in his text "Biopsychology" for more. (Pinel, 2009)


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Sleep deprivation results in decreased androgen levels in the blood which also effects the growth of prostate and hence, affects the epithelial height.
Sleep deprivation is a common dilemma that our society faces today.
Sleep deprivation can affect human abilities and neural functioning in various ways.
Iron deprivation is known to disrupt the membrane integrity of mycobacteria.
The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards is the procedure prescribed in law when it is necessary to deprive of their liberty a resident or patient who lacks capacity to consent to their care and treatment in order to keep them safe from harm.
Many studies show that sleep deprivation is associated with lower academic performance.
The experiment was performed in a completely randomized design in a 3x2 factorial scheme consisting of 3 daily feeding levels, 4 meals, 2 meals and 1 meal, and two feed deprivation managements and two repetitions (Table 1).
In the study, the difference between sleep and wake cycle following 6 h sleep deprivation before and after LHb lesions in the same group rats was analyzed to determine the effect of LHb lesions on the sleep rebound induced by a 6h sleep deprivation.
Children are particularly vulnerable to deprivation of their specific needs.
President Ghani further added that deprivation does not mean that certain provinces are facing the issue due to ethnic problems.
In all EU Member States, the material and social deprivation rates are higher among people with low (lower secondary or less) education level .
Leaving the scene by driver of the vehicle that caused grievous bodily harm leading to death of a person faces 7 years in prison with deprivation of driving rights for 3 years.