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Deteriorated or degenerate; corrupt.
[L. depravo, to corrupt]
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Yes, I never loved her," said he to himself; "I knew she was a depraved woman," he repeated, "but dared not admit it to myself.
One may save anyone who does not want to be ruined; but if the whole nature is so corrupt, so depraved, that ruin itself seems to be her salvation, what's to be done?
There was a way to deal with that, and I dealt; the more readily for my full vision--on the evidence--of our employer's late clever, good-looking "own" man; impudent, assured, spoiled, depraved.
Watchdogs policing the internet are being swamped as depraved online content hits record levels.
By RICHARD VERNALLS A PROLIFIC paedophile who blackmailed online victims into depraved acts was a "VIP member" of internet child sex abuse forums, a court has heard.
Detectives swooped on suspects over the last three days, seizing computers and phones in a bid to stamp out the distribution of depraved images.
The depraved dead body of Taj Bibi was found from Kanak area on 15 December 2017 and her survivors were nominated accused Muhammad Ali, they arrested persons are brother of nominated accused.
The defendant subjected her to the most depraved sexual acts, some of which he filmed, and used beatings and scaldings to exert his power and control over her.
ANYONE who saw the threepart BBC programme Three Girls should be totally shocked, not just because of the inhuman and depraved behaviour of the perpetrators on the poor young girls subjected to their brutality, but how the authorities tried to cover up and not stop what was going on.
The Secretary-General hopes the Pakistani authorities will be able to swiftly bring the perpetrators of this depraved attack to justice," the statement said.
Judge Prince said that images were so depraved that he considered going beyond the sentencing guidelines when considering how long to jail the paedophile.
The National Crime Agency is studying the depraved child abuse manual - which was discovered by the Sunday People.