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Deteriorated or degenerate; corrupt.
[L. depravo, to corrupt]
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The courts should always apply mercy to those who deserve it but in this case this depraved old man does not for he showed no remorse or regret for the dreadful crimes he committed.
4th Dep't 2007) (reviewing the legal sufficiency of a depraved indifference murder conviction despite defendant's failure to preserve the question for appeal), and People v.
She told Wilson: "You are a dangerous and depraved paedophile.
Then again, the depraved sicko you must be, you'd probably enjoy it.
Choudary has said that former model and singer Bruni, 41, represents the face of a depraved Western society where women are treated like sex objects.
We also wrongly suggested that Mr Murat had lied to the police and journalists and was believed to have an interest in depraved sexual material.
149) Payne was charged with intentional and depraved indifference murder after he confronted the victim--his friend--with a twelve-gauge shotgun and shot him at point blank range.
Because the world--now as ignorant, confused, violent, frightened, faithless, and depraved as it was in the days of the Roman Empire--needs it so desperately.
They were robbed of their childhood by their depraved father.
Were one to think about criminal-biologists and criminal-psychiatrists in the Bismarckian through the Hitlerian periods of modem German history, images of depraved doctors and mad scientists probably come quickly to mind for many people.
Before that the depraved cannibalistic ex-champ had threatened to kill Lewis and eat his children.