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The falling out or loss of the eyelashes.
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Although Blowitz was a man of humble Bohemian origins who had rather ostentatiously used the name of his native village after the noble-sounding "de" to create his nom deplume, his ego and political connections made him a "player" in the proceedings at Berlin.
The Argentine writer and politician Gustavo Martinez Zuviria, whose nom deplume was Hugo Wast (1883-1962), was a fervent anti-Semite and Franco supporter whose books sold literally millions of copies.
While the nora deplume Forrest Carter cannot provide answers to questions of Native identity, the authorial figure Asa Carter abounds with insights into the workings of Southern identity in literature.
46-48; Munk Olsen, Birger, L'etude des auteurs classiques latins auxxf etxif siecles, II: Catalogue des manuscrits classiques latins copies au IXe au XIIe siecle: Livius-Vitruvius; Florilegesessais deplume, Paris, 1985, p.
Later she wrote to Victor Hugo, interpreting his brief and gallant reply as encouragement, and she adopted Rachilde as a nom deplume based on an encounter at a seance with the ghost of a Swedish nobleman with a name that sounds more Algerian than Scandinavian.
Gordon is now a white-collar crimefighter (she does most of her crime-busting through computers) who uses the nom deplume of Oracle.