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In a clinical trial, the readying of an information system for field use by providing or disseminating capture devices, tokens or passwords for users of an activated system.


(di-ploy′) [Fr. deployer, to scatter]
1. To prepare personnel or resources for anticipated use, e.g. in a mass casualty or a field of battle.
2. To put into therapeutic use.
3. To insert (e.g., prostheses, stents).
deployment (mĕnt)
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1 Smart Grid Market, Spain, Deployment Trend of Integrated Communication Technologies, 2005-2010 39
Deployment support activities from 838th Transportation Battalion personnel extended beyond the Port of Antwerp.
Central Command, the Execution Pillar is eliminating seams between strategic and theater distribution through implementation of the CENTCOM Deployment and Distribution Operations Center.
Examples of how FTTX deployments impact the CO include:
In July 1976, the squadron made the first WESPTAC deployment of the S-3, joining CVW-14 on board Enterprise (CVN 65).
There seems to be a deployment continuum which has been observed throughout the broad range of deployment temperatures.
The stage was set for a gathering of industry and military theater deployment and distribution leaders to meet in this tiny Bavarian village nestled in the foothills of the German Alps.
Enhanced Speed - Image multicasting dramatically reduces deployment time as it delivers one image to many targets at the same time.
The group is building on recent lessons learned by SDDC's first deployment Task Force, which took its name from its customer, the 3rd Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne.
In addition to its safety advantages, the seamless air bag deployment door also holds potential to reduce deployment door assembly costs, decrease windshield glare caused by visible deployment-door seams, and improve overall trim fit and finish conditions.
HCL Technologies Infrastructure Services Division (HCL ISD), India's leading IT services company, today announced the launch of its 'Zero Touch' Desktop Deployment Solution for Microsoft Windows Vista.

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