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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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In the reaction of the metal deoxidizing by carbon (in contrast to all other deoxidizers-elements) form gaseous deoxidizing products, that's why reduction of the pressure increases deoxidizing capacity of carb on, whereby significant influence exerts temperature.
To prevent poppling in the ladle during tapping because of high level of the metal oxidation, preliminary deoxidizing of the latter by aluminium was performed.
01 %) both in degassing of the metal with preliminary deoxidizing by aluminium and without introduction of the latter.
When silicocalcium is used for modification of steel, silicon, which enters into composition of the said silicocalcium, may exert deoxidizing influence, provided oxide phase (of calcium silicates) is formed, in which activity of [SiO.
Calculation of equilibrium content of oxygen, characteristic of especially low-carbon steel being melted, showed that silicocalcium silicon is able to exert deoxidizing action with formation of silicate non-metallic inclusions.
Equilibrium content of oxygen in steel in case of deoxidizing of silicocalcium by silicon (the temperature equals 1600 [degrees]C) is as follows:
Process of ferronickel and converter slag deoxidizing in a ladle by silicon is described by the reactions
Constant of ferronickel deoxidizing by silicon has the following form:
For the case of iron deoxidizing by silicon dependence of lg [K'.
Various deoxidizing elements and compounds were tested using closely controlled heats of AOD refined 17-4 stainless steel, with .
In addition, since 1993 the company has provided scrap to IMCO's Uhrichsville, Ohio plant which manufactures deoxidizing products on a tolling basis.