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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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In the steel casting industry, aluminum is universally used as a final deoxidizer.
The foundry focused on eliminating the problems caused by higher aluminum additions so that a higher concentrated final deoxidizer could be used.
In this case, an additional final deoxidizer was needed.
02% aluminum combination was used as a final deoxidizer, and then gradually aluminum was excluded completely.
Once the foundry switched to titanium as its final deoxidizer, the tensile and yield strength and elongation measurements improved, eliminating this problem.
The Al addition must not float upward during the tap Out or lose its power as a deoxidizer by becoming "trapped" in the slag.
Eversince aluminum (Al) has been used as a deoxidizer for steel, foundrymen have seen the occasional occurrence of a brittle, intergranular fracture mode in castings.