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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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From this study, AG Anderson developed filter sizing guidelines for aluminum and titanium deoxidized carbon and low alloy steels (Table 1).
filters) Maximum recommended pour weight (lb) Aluminum Deoxidized Steels Single Double Filter Filter 4 x 4 x 1 in.
FILIFORM MONITORING: The alkaline-cleaned, deoxidized, and cerium-based conversion-coated samples (both Cu and Cu/Ni fastened) were all exposed for a total of 1000 hr.
The deoxidized surface as well as the CeCC and CrCC surfaces all showed isolated filaments developing from the scribe, but were otherwise indistinguishable in the optical images.
In the case of the alkaline-cleaned and deoxidized samples, after initiation, many of the filaments merged and developed into a common corrosion front emanating from the scribe around the fastener.
The filaments on this sample were also wider than those of the deoxidized or conversion-coated samples.
A further distinction between the average filament lengths and the area is seen by comparing the deoxidized sample with the conversion-coated samples in Figure 7 to that in Figure 8.
For the deoxidized surface, the area of corrosion around the Cu-Ni fastener was larger than that of the alkaline-cleaned sample, which is the opposite trend of the scribe on the matrix.
The area of corrosion around the conversion-coated Cu-Ni fasteners was less than half that of the deoxidized surface, demonstrating a distinct advantage with the conversion coating on the surface.
The deoxidized surface had the greatest area of corrosion, being larger than either conversion-coated surface (cf Figure 9).
The molten iron is desulfurized and deoxidized by reactive agents and, depending on the iron grade desired, undergoes further treatments, including recarburization, before casting into ingots.
Oxygen control can be provided by a combination of a cover (even a temporary one), the use of a lightly deoxidized copper such as DLP and the negative pressure applied to the inductor by the vacuum system.