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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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After being calcined in air at 400 AdegC for 4 h, and different samples are obtained, and followed with H2 deoxidized at 120 AdegC for 3 h.
According to the authors, diversification of steel characteristics depending on direction of taking samples should be especially outlined in sheets made of balanced steel St3SY, being of lower quality than fully deoxidized steel St3S (S235JRG2).
The metal-intermediate product was alloyed in the furnace using carbonaceous ferrochromium, having preliminarily deoxidized pool with approximately 1 kg/t of aluminium, then it was tapped into the ladle with separation of the furnace slag and creation in the ladle of oxide-fluoride slag of the CaO-Ca[F.
The deoxidized hemoglobin in the palm vein absorbs these rays, thereby reducing the reflection rate and causing the veins to appear as a black pattern.
These soils were formed in deoxidized loess on convex side slopes on upland landscape positions.
5 g) with anhydrous toluene (180 mL), soon after being stirred in ultrasonic bath for 10 min, then 12 mL of silane ethenyltrimethoxy (A-171) was added to the mixture, deoxidized under nitrogen gas atmosphere for 30 min.
Addition of the powder into the flux worsens metallurgical processes, going on in the welding zone, metal of the welded layers is not high quality, because the amount of flux forming liquid slag decreases, and liquid metal is badly deoxidized and protected from air effect.
The reduction of a silica lining by magnesium, aluminum and other reactive elements in the molten iron takes place because the molten bath is in a deoxidized state.
The NO content in the cell culture medium was determined by the nitric acid deoxidized enzyme method using an NO detection kit, and NOS activity in cells was measured using an NOS detection kit (Nanjing Jiancheng Bioengineering Institute, Nanjing, China), [Na.
Then the panels were deoxidized for 2 min in phosphoric acid-based deoxidizing solution, followed by DI water rinse and drying, and were then stacked for 24 h before being used for application.
Application of new materials and methods of treatment of refractory products makes it possible to increase the resistance of immersed sleeves against thermal shocks, to decrease the wear rate in the zone of a slag band and intensive motion of molten steel flows, as well as to prevent the clogging of inner cavities in casting of steels deoxidized by aluminium.