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to neutralize or absorb odor.


To use a deodorant.


(dē-ō′dor-īz) [″ + odor, odor]
To remove odor.


to neutralize or absorb odor.

Patient discussion about deodorize

Q. Does a women wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? I love partying. I used to go out with my boyfriend on Saturdays to dance clubs. I am crazy about the fragrance of my boyfriend’s deodorant. One day I asked him to lend his deo to me for just one party. He said that men’s deo can cause breast cancer in ladies. I am afraid of using it. But I could not overcome my feelings. I like to try it out once, only once. Is it true that women that wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? (I love the fragrance of Old spice!)

A. naaaa! that's just an urban myth. there isn't any difference between women's or men's deodorant. neither of them should cause breast cancer... but they both contain aluminum which is generally not good for you.

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical established the Chinese unit in Shanghai jointly with a local company and a Hong Kong firm in September 1998 to produce bathroom air fresheners and deodorizers for sale mainly in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.
The company manufactures and distributes various plastic label holders and sign holders to the retail industry, along with a line of deodorizers and cleaners for the consumer market.
This merger will allow the companies to co-ordinate the international sales, marketing, fabrication and supply of vegetable oil processing systems, including equipment such as deodorizers, separators, heat exchangers and flow handling pumps and valves.
From a Christian Science Monitor on-line article datelined Kyoto, Tokyo, on Japan's $76 million hygiene market: "The clean-conscious shopper can find antibacterial toothbrushes, toilet seats, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, pencils, floppy discs, and socks and underwear which come with built-in deodorizers.
The company also markets homecare and cleaning brands: X-14[R] mildew stain remover and automatic toilet bowl cleaners, 2000 Flushes([R]) automatic toilet bowl cleaners, Carpet Fresh([R]) and No Vac([R]) rug and room deodorizers, Spot Shot([R]) aerosol and liquid carpet stain removers, 1001[R] household cleaners and rug and room deodorizers, and Lava([R]) and Solvol([R]) heavy-duty hand cleaners.
Improvements in the company's laundry products narrowly offset weaker sales of deodorizers and cleaners and personal care products, executives said.
Besides Yasa-sheet for fruits and vegetables, he's made items such as shoe deodorizers.
Wizard, known for all types of room deodorizers, has created Tobacco Odor Neutralizer in a spray can, formulated to neutralize and remove cigar, cigarette and other tobacco product odors and leave behind a natural citrus fragrance.
These "EverGreen Rooms" feature an independent filtered water system with a separate faucet for drinking water, while the air filtration system provides clean and healthy air that isn't sterilized with commercial deodorizers and air fresheners.
30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Ostomy and Incontinence Products in US$ Thousands by the following Product Segments: Incontinence Products (Disposable Adult Diapers, Disposable Adult Shields, Disposable Under Pads, Bags, Clamps, Cleaners, Deodorizers, & Urinals), and Ostomy Products (Ostomy Bags/Pouches, Deodorants, Irrigation Products, & Skin Barriers/Care Products).
JAPAN: Manufacturers of air fresheners are revamping their room deodorizers with colorful designs and offbeat functions.
Let's take a quick look at five models, bearing in mind that the bucks mentioned are base prices, and do not include shipping, taxes, or auto deodorizers shaped like pine trees: