dental surgeon

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den·tal sur·geon

a general practitioner of dentistry; a dentist with the D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree.

dental surgeon

Etymology: L, dens, tooth; Gk, cheirourgos, surgeon
a dentist who is able to diagnose pathology and disease, and performs surgical procedures involving the teeth and surrounding oral tissues. There are nine recognized dental specialties. See dentist and dentistry.

den·tal sur·geon

(den'tăl sŭr'jŏn)
A general practitioner of dentistry.
Synonym(s): oral surgeon.

den·tal sur·geon

(den'tăl sŭr'jŏn)
General practitioner of dentistry; a dentist with the D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree.

Patient discussion about dental surgeon

Q. Can you get influenza after a dentist visit? I’ve been to the dentist yesterday and I woke up sick. Is it considered mal practice?

A. o..relax..first of all you can get the flu anywhere and anytime. Secondly- it takes more than a day to develop symptoms so yo probably got it from someone else. It’s not mal practice anyway, and stop thinking on how you can get money off your dentist :) here is a Southpark episode about it:

Q. How can I take an ADHD child to a dentist? He is afraid of the dentist and get nervous when he even hears about visiting a dentist. He gets even more active and uncontrollable.

A. My son is 9 w/ ADHD and extreme impulsivity. At 1yr. he was developmental delayed. Dad moved to AZ about 3 yrs. ago & didn't tell us. Son has been through therapy & medications & in special ed w/ me. Had a rough road in school, but the teachers loved him. He gave me alot of trouble so this past June I agreed to send him to his dad. This is what our son wanted. Now son calls crying, hiding under bed, in his closet, he says he is afraid of his dad, he shakes when his dad yells & son wants to move back home to me. He says he hates his dad. Dad won't talk to me on the phone, just laughs & says "send me child support". Dad never took son for parenting time long term. Just weekends when dad lived here. I hate to hear my son cry. I want my son back. Dad took him off all meds, he is struggeling in school & now suspended for 4 days for teasing 8th graders! Dad hasn't gotten his hair cut ever, hasn't taken him to the dentist for his spacer since some teeth got p

Q. What are the dentists going to do if I have Pit and fissure caries? I look at my teeth and i see tiny black stuff on the fissures of my molars. I am so freakin scared. Are the dentists going to do something painful?

A. Well you will have to see a dentist if you want an answer on what kind of treatment they will offer you. Today dentists use good anesthesia so anything they will do is not supposed to be painful.

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All these components combine to a system for dental surgery that is not only easy to use but that provides save and highly precise tools for dentists and dental surgeons to face their daily challenges.
Muruga has more than 30 years expertise as a dental surgeon.
KIMS Oman Hospital has announcement the appointment of Dr Mazen al Jurf, dentist and dental surgeon.
We look forward to welcoming the new dental surgeons to our team in the next few months.
These Days are held by the Tunisian Union of General Practice Dentists, in collaboration with the regional council of dental surgeons in the Algerian city of Annaba.
Dental officers in the forward support medical companies of the forward support battalions serve as Dental Surgeons to the supported maneuver brigades.
More accustomed to walking the length of Colmore Row, the four trekkers - Andy Oates, an associate director of the Bank of Scotland Structured Finance team, Chris Lee of accountants Mazars Neville Russell, Bob Leek of solicitors Higgs & Son, and Richard Prew of dental surgeons Luckhurst Hirst and Associates - will be knocking themselves into shape with a gruelling training programme.
It is thought the situation has been made worse because one of the area's dental surgeons, Roger Bainton, was struck off after a patient in his care died after surgery.
The lifting of the advertising restriction on doctors was given a boost by a court case involving two dentists who advertised their service, raising the ire of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, including dental clinics, dental surgeons, orthodontists, and periodontists.
The session attended by would be doctors and dental surgeons alongwith their parents was addressed by Dr.
Deputy Commissioner Suhail Khan handed over appointment orders to 32 medical officers, 3 dental surgeons, 7 woman medical officers, gynecologists, children specialists, surgical and medical specialists.