alveolar process of maxilla

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al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of maxilla

the projecting ridge on the inferior surface of the body of the maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; the term is also applied to the superior aspect of the body of the mandible, containing the tooth sockets of the lower jaw.

al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of max·il·la

(al-vēŏ-lăr proses mak-silă) [TA]
Projecting ridge on inferior surface of body of maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; also denotes superior aspect of body of mandible, containing tooth sockets of the lower jaw.
Synonym(s): alveolar body, alveolar bone (2) , alveolar border (2) , alveolar ridge, basal ridge (1) , dental process.
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