dental literature

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den·tal lit·er·a·ture

(dentăl litĕr-ă-chŭr)
Written books or journals related to the art and science of dentistry.
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Many studies in the dental literature evaluated factors affecting child anxiety and behaviour in dental situations.
The diagnosis and management strategies of double teeth are well reported in the dental literature.
2003; Lill and Wilkinson, 2005], the dental literature lacks reports to determine patient feelings toward the appearance of dentists.
In such cases there are already plenty of reports in the dental literature that more than adequately cover the subject.
2007] concluded that there is insufficient evidence in the dental literature to support the use of one band cement over another.
The syndrome/case in particular may well be novel to the author(s) but oftentimes a brief search of the dental literature, through Pubmed, reveals that many of these reports concern cases that have already been published on the same subject many times before.
In this search of the dental literature, four studies with antimicrobial agents emerged and two of them were graded as medium.
Talon cusp cases in primary incisors as reported in the English dental literature.
Although the dental literature has reported on the undergraduate experience, to date there is a lack of information regarding recent graduates' perception and knowledge of the practice of paediatric dentistry [Finucane et al.