dental hygiene care plan

den·tal hy·giene care plan

(den'tăl hī'jēn kār plan)
Services within the framework of the total dental treatment plan to be carried out by a dental hygienist.
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The dental hygiene diagnosis provides the basis for the dental hygiene care plan.
The measurement of the extent to which the client has achieved the goals specified in the dental hygiene care plan.
the dental hygiene care plan cannot exist without the analysis and synthesis of the assessment findings.
It would be difficult to see how a practitioner could formulate a dental hygiene care plan without having proficient diagnostic skills.
While some state laws will allow for a broader interpretation of what is permissible under the scope of practice, it is reasonable and ethical for hygienists to make assessments, analyze those assessments and synthesize those analytics into a treatment recommendation for the dental hygiene care plan.
Appropriately addressing the treatment needs of each patient is dependent upon a dental hygienist's ability to identify various oral and systemic conditions prior to establishing an individualized dental hygiene care plan.
The dental hygiene care plan in most countries incorporates dental hygiene services and options.
6) If disclosed on the medical history, these findings will assist the hygienist in opening up nonthreatening dialog early in the appointment, thereby facilitating trust and true responses that will help the dental hygienists appropriately direct an individualized dental hygiene care plan.
Present and document dental hygiene care plan to patient.
the dental hygiene care plan in a manner minimizing risk and optimizing
The core competencies include use of critical thinking skills and comprehensive problem solving to identify oral health care strategies that promote patient health and wellness, and use of evidence-based decision making to evaluate emerging technology and treatment modalities to integrate into patient dental hygiene care plans to achieve high-quality, cost-effective care.