dental clinic

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den·tal clin·ic

(dentăl klinik)
A facility where dental services are rendered.
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Initially the dental clinic was within the main building, but moving it across the street allowed for a much larger space, as well as room to expand for instruction in more advanced or elaborate treatments.
Additionally, many of the patients treated in a hospital-based dental clinic may have special needs or be medically compromised.
Rob Richardson, asset and development manager at St Modwen, which owns and manages the town centre, said: "Queensway Dental Clinic is an important asset to Billingham Town Centre and not only does it employ a highly skilled team but it draws more than 150,000 people to the town from across the region and country each year.
Dental students can volunteer at the student outreach dental clinic once they have learned applicable procedures in the course of their education.
Carlos Buendia said dental clinics have become targets of robbers because they have expensive equipment that can be sold and other items that are of value.
An autoclave is a device used in dental clinics all over the world.
Kennedy Community Health Center, Framingham, MA; Columbus Public Health Dental Clinic, Columbus, OH; Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Tulsa, OK; and Craig County Dental Center, New Castle, VA.
The board said its only recourse after receiving an allegation of Medicaid fraud at a corporate dental clinic is to notify the Office of Inspector General and other law enforcement agencies.
A DENTAL clinic put hundreds of patients at risk of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis because of poor hygiene.
Al Murooshid added, "The mobile unit is equipped with the latest technology and it has all the features of a dental clinic.
A NEW multi-speciality dental clinic will open in Manama on Friday to train Bahraini dentists and dental technicians, it has been revealed.
The 10th annual Children's Free Dental Sealant Clinic will be held Saturday at the Lane Community College Dental Clinic, Building 4.