density gradient

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den·si·ty gra·di·ent

a solution in which the concentration (density) of a solute increases in a continuous fashion from top to bottom, or end to end, of a container (for example, the centrifuge tube in density-gradient centrifugation).

density gradient

a variation in the density of a solution caused by a change in concentration of a solute in a confined solution.
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Thus this study does not give any evidence that the COMIS density gradient functionality should be added to other network models.
On the basis of these findings, it may be concluded that: (a) the detected protein clusters described herein are potentially indicative of distinct subspecies of HDL particles that display specific biological function(s); (b) the proteomic analyses of defined HDL subspecies isolated by isopycnic density gradient ultracentrifugation from normolipidemic plasma samples have identified small dense HDL3c as a distinct particle subset(s); and (c) specific lipid and protein components of HDL3c endow them with potent antioxidative activities.
Density-adjusted density gradient was originally developed for islet purification using brain-dead donors (36), and it was also beneficial for non--heart-beating donors (10, 11).
The viability of isolated cells was more than 95% in both Percoll density gradient and differential plating methods.
There remains, of course, a considerable degree of variability between cities like Halifax and Victoria whose traditional, centralized density gradients contrast with cities like Kitchener, Trois Rivieres, Moncton or Regina.
The hemocytes appearing at interface 30/ 10% of the gradient were further separated by centrifugation through a Ficoll (type 400, Sigma) density gradient containing 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% (w/v) Ficoll prepared in MAS.
Production technology for low-density particleboard 1: Forming a density gradient and its effect on board properties.
Concurrently, free particulates were separated from T-cells by density gradient centrifugation through Ficoll-Hypaque (Histopaque, Sigma, St.
There was a density gradient for samples obtained by all soil sampler devices and this gradient is represented in Fig.
In this scheme, a flowing stream passes inboard of a thin, nonflowing density gradient, held in place against the rotor wall by centrifugal force.
Fresh semen samples were washed using density gradient centrifugation followed by swim-up to remove all non-motile cells.
Near-edge x-ray absorption fine-structure studies confirmed that the nanoparticle number density gradient was closely correlated with the concentration gradient of amino groups anchored to the substrate.

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