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At the early and late rice main growth stages, the numbers of soil nitrifying and denitrification bacteria decreased as follows: HOM>LOM>RF>MF>CK.
In this studies was reported that low temperatures slow down the nitrification process since the activity of ammonia oxidizing bacteria decrease and also the denitrification is limited.
Measurements have relied on the use of inhibitors or strictly aerobic conditions to prevent denitrification, and isotopic labels, but rarely has it been clearly stated whether the calculations were based on net or gross rates, which may account for some of the variance in observed product ratios.
Hence, the present study aims to achieve the nitrogen removal from MCW which contains a low C/N ratio via SND without external carbon sources for denitrification using a biofilm filtration system which was optimized with respect to i) nitrogen loading rate (NLR), ii) an appropriate position of air-diffuser, and iii) an aeration rate for SND.
Advantages of Phospho-gypsum coating is when Phospho-gypsum slurry applied on urea forms fine coating and protects the loss of nitrogen by denitrification ensuring regulated continuous availability of nitrogen for a longer period as per the requirement of crops.
GHG emission from soil through denitrification and nitrification are highly complicated.
The data also indicated that, compared to subsoil, the average denitrification potential of wood increased from 31-fold in 2003 to 4,000-fold in 2004.
This denitrification equipment is the first to be supplied under a denitrification equipment contract to a Polish power company.
percentage of soluble and readily biodegradable portion of COD in the wastewater concerned) and quantity of organic substrate as well anaerobic/anoxic/total cycle time lengths have an impact on denitrification and EBPR efficiency.
Hunt and environmental engineer Kyoung Ro determined that the hydraulic retention time (HRT)--how long the field drainage water remained in the bioreactor--was crucial in the denitrification process.
employ experts in the field to discuss advanced biological waste treatment processes such as vertical shaft bioreactors, upflow sludge blanket filtration, membrane bioreactors, SBR, nitrification and denitrification.