denied claim

de·nied claim

(dē-nīd' klām)
A statement from a third-party payer that a claim (i.e., a bill) sent for reimbursement has not been paid for some reason (e.g., clerical error, patient's lack of coverage).
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He also denied claim with regard to involvement Pakistan's intelligence agency in shifting Mullah Omar to Karachi.
That way, if a denied claim is challenged in court, the court will review the plan administrator's denial based on whether the administrator's decision is reasonable and not on what the court would have done.
Each denied claim can then be reviewed and, if the denial appears to be inappropriate, remedial action can be taken.
She appealed the denied claim, explaining that she was unable to check her luggage because all personnel had fled to a bomb shelter.
4 (ANI): Mohamed Hadid denied claims of raping or molesting model Miranda Vee.
Phil" recently denied claims that they provided drugs and alcohol to addict guests on the show.
Photo courtesy: ENEC) UAE has denied claims made by Houthi militias in Yemen of a missile launch towards the UAE's airspace.
Summary: The Turkish Embassy in Lebanon Wednesday denied claims made in the Ad-Diyar newspaper that Turkey had been encouraging Lebanese Sunnis to apply for Turkish citizenship.
RelayAssurance Appeals Assist is a new tool that lets providers identify, create, file, and track appeals for denied claims quickly and easily.
A COUNCILLOR yesterday denied claims he partied instead of helping his constituents deal with devastating flooding.
Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has denied claims that it had arranged lavish parties for its Libyan clients.
Meanwhile Lorenzo Insigne's agent has denied claims that Arsenal have made a move to sign the 23-year-old winger, who was a member of Italy's World Cup squad in Brazil.