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Specifically, HBI will develop and test novel adjuvants to enhance the immunogenicity of an inactivated dengue vaccine candidate.
He urged the citizens to cooperate with dengue teams to control virus of dengue.
Chief Minister directed that full attention should be paid to the look after of dengue patients under-treatment in hospitals and all out treatment facilities should be provided to them.
Two dengue deaths have been officially reported, both victims being from north Delhi.
Dengue is a highly virulent tropical viral infection that spreads via mosquitoes.
Dengue virus is spread by mosquitoes and infects as many as 390 million people worldwide each year, according to new estimates published in the journal Nature.
Dengue fever is characterized by the sudden onset of a high fever, rash, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting.
Eva Harris is a leading researcher in the field of dengue viruses.
Islam Zafar, Head of Chief Minister's Dengue Research Cell Prof.
The official further said that despite the government awareness campaign still most of the people were not taking precautionary measures, adding that in most of the areas and houses stay of water in homes and other areas were cause of dengue.
Summary Dengue is a febrile illness caused by the dengue virus (DENV), a single-stranded flavivirus most commonly transmitted by the Aedes aegypti (A.
Not only dengue, other kinds of viruses are also circulating in the air which causes high fever like dengue.