denervation hypersensitivity

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denervation hypersensitivity (dē·ner·vāˑ·shn hīˈ·per·senˈ·si·tiˑ·vi·tē),

n interruption of automatic innervation to an organ, following which the degradative enzymes at the site are lost; as a result, the synaptic receptor becomes extremely sensi-tive to the neurohumoral agent because of loss of the degradative mechanism.
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Should denervation hypersensitivity develop, marked mydriasis will occur--even in minute concentrations of adrenaline, e.
Should a lesion that causes OSP affect the preganglionic neuron, MAO in the postganglionic neuron will still inactivate any adrenaline or NA present and, despite denervation hypersensitivity, neither pupil will dilate after the instillation of adrenaline 1:1 000.
Garibaldi et al proposed that the resolution of ptosis by apraclonidine occurs as a result of denervation hypersensitivity of the [[alpha].