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demurrer (dēmur´ər),

n an admission of the facts charged by the opponent while maintaining that those facts are legally insufficient to establish liability.
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Now as I understand these facts about biblical anthropology they imply something from which Sennett demurs.
Once a developer finds the land he wants to acquire and a city planning board approves the project, the CRDA simply makes a purchase offer and, if the owner demurs, asks a state court to condemn the property.
If the Supreme Court demurs, New York officials and other Aguilar opponents will have to file a fresh legal challenge and bring it up through the federal court system step by step, a process that could take years.
Asked whether the idea of women so often being manhandled or victimized in his ballets bothers her, as in Mayerling and The Judas Tree, she demurs.
If a firm demurs because of confidentiality concerns, ask them to omit confidential material or references to specific clients.
With all the tributes, she still demurs, ``I don't want to be a pest.