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demurrer (dēmur´ər),

n an admission of the facts charged by the opponent while maintaining that those facts are legally insufficient to establish liability.
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Aitken demurred, saying that although he used to like such magazines, he was now trying to follow Christ's teachings.
The journal demurred on the question of whether King a serial adulterer, shameless plagiarist, and fellow traveler with Communist subversives--was a fit subject of a national holiday.
And she politely demurred as her media-savvy New York colleague Chuck Schumer elbowed her out of the way before the television cameras.
Bill Bennett bet he knew what it would be and wanted me to place a wager, but I demurred.
When Duncan pressed him for the survey data, Lott demurred, saying a hard drive crash had destroyed his data set and the original tally sheets had been lost.
Certainly settlers would welcome him to sleep by their fire, but he always demurred.
When I demurred, he would immediately make the second ritual offer: "Wanna eat?
Piggott was often asked to compare the greats he rode such as Nijinsky and Alleged, and demurred when asked the same of Rock Of Gibraltar.
climate conference where the Kyoto Protocol on climate change was concluded in 1997, has said it supports the treaty but has demurred on whether it would back efforts to clear the final implementation hurdles at a follow-up U.
President Mbeki demurred, saying he wanted to wait for the late jumbos.
Burke demurred, saying that if the Institute were commenting on a draft proposal, it might be required to take a formal position.
When asked about exponential growth, Bean demurred, "Well, perhaps geometric growth over time.