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(dĕm′ə-grăf′ĭk, dē′mə-)
Of or relating to demography.


(di-mog′ră-fē) [Gr. dēmos, people + -graphy]
The study of measurable characteristics of human populations. The characteristics may include population size, growth, density, age, race, sex, or marital status. The information may be used to forecast health needs and the use of health services.
demographic (dē″mŏ-graf′ik, dem″ŏ-), adjective
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The responding sample is demographically weighted and projected to represent the total U.
The recent acquisition of Columbia Bancorp deepens FULT's footprint in the demographically appealing Baltimore/Washington DC region.
We believe this will provide casino operators the ability to drive incremental gaming revenues with this technology, but more importantly, with exciting new content and applications that are demographically attractive, which is expected to be a key factor for the success of mobile gaming.
Piedmont Peachtree Crossing is a great addition to our portfolio," stated Chaim Katzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Equity One, "featuring a dominant anchor in a demographically strong, urban, infill location.
This acquisition typifies the implementation of our proven acquisition strategy - to acquire sole community providers in demographically appealing markets," said Wayne T.
Internet Advertising Group, with its group of over 60+ categorically and demographically targeted websites, continues to be leading the way in online lead generation.
Our research demonstrated that within mall properties, and over a demographically diverse sample, shoppers' recall rates of ads played over Mall Radio Network were more than 50 percent, depending on the number of times they visited the mall," said Joe Lenski, Executive Vice President of Edison Media Research.
Founded in 2000 by Dave Hamilton and Greg Snyder, BackBeat Media works closely with advertisers like Apple, Microsoft, Alias Software, Shure and others to ensure they reach demographically desirable web communities.

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