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(dĕm′ə-grăf′ĭk, dē′mə-)
Of or relating to demography.


(di-mog′ră-fē) [Gr. dēmos, people + -graphy]
The study of measurable characteristics of human populations. The characteristics may include population size, growth, density, age, race, sex, or marital status. The information may be used to forecast health needs and the use of health services.
demographic (dē″mŏ-graf′ik, dem″ŏ-), adjective
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Demographic dividend in India can be better understood if we analyse the age structure of India's population.
The overall conclusion to be drawn from these and similar observations is that the changes in fertility behavior and the demographic transition are systematically related to the human capital investment decision by households (the empirical relationship between demographic transition and economic growth or human capital accumulation is an indirect evidence on the role of human capital in economic growth).
According to a report prepared by the FNC, the demographic imbalance began in the early 1970s due to the absence of planning, when the country embarked on the road to economic development.
Demographics are becoming a big challenge to China's future growth dynamics.
Bayer's database includes retailer and grower demographics, EDI sales, program payments and complaints.
By using demographic data, you can understand which customers own a home and segment these customers by age.
The book comes alive in chapters 5-9, where Tsui and Gutek examine demographic diversity at different levels of analysis and develop a framework to explain this diversity in organizations.
New sports cars, sport-utilities and activity vehicles are out of the reach of most young male buyers despite their appeal to this demographic group.
The site also carries daily news items about demographics and metropolitan statistics, editorial from ACBJ's publications on demographic, consumer and economic trends, monthly ratings of the states and top metro areas, and archives of past demographic stories and charts.
A patient visiting Hutzel Hospital typically goes to the admitting department and completes a form; demographic information is entered into a computer database.
Desktop mapping is a technique, the value of which is based on the recognition that all demographic, facility, utilization and business data share one common factor when applied to marketing: geography.
Demographic data are frequently used in outcome research (Bradley, 1988).