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(1) Un-deploying The removing or forbidding of military troops or activity in a particular zone in an occupied region
(2) De-weaponisation The detoxification of organophosphate type nerve agents and other chemical weapons, e.g., with enzymes
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On February 20, President Pastrana ended the demilitarized zone and the Government of Colombia's peace talks with the FARC.
27 in San Vicente de Caguan in the demilitarized zone to assess conditions for a formal resumption of talks.
Pastrana said the government proposed reducing the size of the demilitarized zone, "modifying" its location, and starting the national convention in a foreign country "with a view to moving it later to Colombia.
The statement urged the government of Sudan to halt any action hindering flow of South Sudan's oil through its territories and to allow the two mechanisms ( the technical team on demarcation of the boundary of the demilitarized zone and the mechanism on verification of rebel support issue) to complete their tasks.
8 2013 (SUNA) Sudan stressed the importance of speeding up the implementation of determining the zero line in the demilitarized zone between Sudan and South Sudan on the background of a matrix of cooperation Agreement between the two countries .
Defections across the Demilitarized Zone, a buffer zone dividing the two Koreas, are rare as the 250 km-long (155 miles) land border is heavily armed and tightly guarded.
The court stated, by 11 votes to five, that both sides should immediately withdraw military personnel now in the provisional demilitarized zone and refrain from any military presence within that zone and from any armed activity directed at it.
The peninsula remains divided by a demilitarized zone, preventing family reunification between North and South Koreans.
Marulanda only came to the table after Pastrana began to mobilize troops for possible operations inside the demilitarized zone as the Jan.
The two parties also agreed on a mechanism to monitor the non-aggression agreement that includes the monitoring of 50 kilometers at both sides, which is the third mechanism after the demilitarized zone agreement that includes 10 kilometers on both sides which was previously signed and includes monitoring of harboring and support to rebel movements and the disengagement of the two armed divisions with the state of South Sudan.