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Reducing fishing activities in the first year of the plan in line with the scientific advice, given the worrying situation of most demersal stocks.
The discard rates in red mullet and whiting reach, Average 17 % and 40% respectively of total catch, depending on misusage and insufficient selectivity of mesh size in bottom trawls those operating in demersal fishery.
In 2001, a new breadth of mostly demersal resources, fishing methods, fishing areas and metiers redefined the industrial fisheries operating off the southeastern and southern sectors of Brazilian coast (Perez et al.
In the study of GA1/4cA1/4 (2000) the series of stocks of CPUE in the Northeastern Mediterranean showed a yearly decrease in the demersal fish stocks such as Saurida undosquamis Mullus barbatus Upeneus moluccensis for 20 years (GA1/4cA1/4 2000).
The catches concerned cover eight categories of products: pelagic species, demersal species and hake, crustaceans (shrimp, Norway lobster, lobster and crab) and tuna, with fishing for cephalopods (octopus) reserved exclusively to Mauritania's national fleet as long as no surplus catches are available.
The contraction was mainly due to a decline in the number of bed nights and room nights sold while the poor performance in the fishing and fish processing sub-sector was underpinned by the lower landings recorded for page Demersal and Midwater fisheries.
The Danish fishery uses a variety of fishing gear including static trammel and gill nets, along with demersal trawls to supply fresh fish to the Grimsby market.
The best life-stage mortality relationships for eggs, larvae, pelagic juveniles, and demersal juveniles were first determined by hindcasting recruitment estimates based on egg and larval abundance and mortality rates derived from two intensive sampling periods, 1977-87 and 1995-99.
2010), demersal fisheries surveys in Iran, Qatar and Kuwait (Sivasubramaniam, 1981; Sivasubramaniam & Ibrahim, 1982; Bishop, 2003; Valinassab et al.
Out of which, 2 million tonnes are demersal fishes, the one that are near the bottom of the sea and 1.
Under the existing agreement, about 200 EU vessels have the right to catch crustaceans (mainly shrimps), hake and other demersal species), cepaholopods, small pelagics and tuna from Mauritania's Atlantic fishing grounds.
Como resultado de sus estrategias biologicas y ecologicas, el pez Pseudupeneus grandisquamis es una especie dominante en la comunidad demersal del Golfo de Tehuantepec.