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activated only by the absence of an intrinsic cardiac event, used of an artificial pacemaker. See also demand pacemaker.


A quantity of a substance, commodity, or service wanted or required.


1. To ask, claim, or require with urgency or authority.
2. The act or result of demanding.
[Med. L. demando]


To ask, claim, or require with urgency or authority.
[Med. L. demandare]


n in economics, refers to the buying of services or goods; in dental care, generally denotes the active request for and purchase of dental care services.


the predicted amount of a product or service which will be sold at a stated price.

demand elasticity
the responsiveness with which the demand for a product or service, for example for veterinary services, varies with its price. If there is great flexibility there is elasticity. When the demand is the same irrespective of the price there is inelasticity.

Patient discussion about demand

Q. Why is it so hip to be thin and fit???? not everyone can be as thin and as fit as the society demands? was it always like that ? because i feel like if you are gaining a little extra pounds you are doomed !!! people condem you as a less better man in the good case .. in the worst case you won't have friends ....

A. i think that the in the biological way of thinking - people are attracted to what seems healthy, it has more chance of giving healthy child that will survive. in African cultures that food is scarce- being big considered to be healthy and attractive. in our culture- being over weight means unhealthy, but so is too skinny. so going back and forth with a few ponds is fine. but the two extreme situations are unattractive for most men.

Q. My child loves spinach and demands them a lot I wanted to know is there any problem to have them in excess?

A. HELL NO! REWARD THE HELL OUT OF HIM FOR EATING IT! You may also want to tweak it further by introducing him to other healthy dark green leafys like collards, kale, red Swiss chard which he might think is cool to look at; its actually similar in taste to spinach just less bitter! Good for you!

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In the two-unit demand treatment the estimated average bidding strategies are [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted], where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] are demander i's higher and lower bids respectively, and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and [Mathematical Expression Omitted] are his higher and lower valuations respectively.
Low demanders can gain since they need only for the units which they actually consume, [q.
Using Eventful, candidates can track where they are most in Demand, schedule appearances based on this data and also communicate directly with the Demanders via email.
Armer les rebelles en Eethiopie, en jouant sur les dissensions tribales et ethniques", "distiller des rumeurs sur l'achat par l'Eegypte d'avions de ravitaillement en vol, afin de suggerer qu'une attaque aerienne contre le barrage etait en preparation", "conclure des accords avec la Somalie, l'Eerythree et Djibouti, pour les utiliser comme bases contre l'Eethiopie, car tout s'achete en Afrique[beaucoup plus grand que], "nous ingerer dans les affaires interieures de l'Ethiopie et profiter de leur fragilite et demander a nos services de renseignements de jouer sur les problemes ethniques, tribaux et religieux communs a l'Afrique[beaucoup plus grand que].
La population syrienne continue a demander des armes pour se proteger, surtout pour se proteger.
Pour le deploiement de cette force, l'UA envisage de demander dans les prochains jours une resolution du Conseil de securite, a indique Smail Chergui, le commissaire a la paix et a la securite de l'organisation.
Si le Conseil de securite ne peut pas surmonter sa paralysie, alors il faut demander a d'autres organisations comme l'OTAN d'intervenir", estime cet opposant.
Ils peuvent par exemple, s'adresser a l'Assemblee generale de l'ONU pour demander une resolution non contraignante mais hautement symbolique.
Or, au Pakistan, seul l'Etat a le droit de demander a la justice d'entamer des procedures pour "haute trahison", selon des experts legaux.
Nous allons donc demander a ce que cette rencontre soit reportee.
Paradoxalement, le parti Al-Nour, a ete le seul a demander l'ajournement de l'adoption de ces amendements, au milieu des reticences de certains representants du parti [beaucoup moins que]La paix democratique[beaucoup plus grand que] (parti independant).
Quelque 500 enseignants, de differentes facultes de l'Universite Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi Ouzou, ont organise, hier, une marche pacifique du campus Hasnaoua I vers le siege de la wilaya, pour demander la prise en charge de revendications socioprocessionnelles, a-t-on constate.