deltoid region

del·toid re·gion

the lateral aspect of the shoulder demarcated by the outlines of the deltoid muscle.
Synonym(s): regio deltoidea [TA]
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Physical examination showed a non-tender mass over the right deltoid region and a normal range of movement.
Today, two clinical phenotypes are recognized: (1) type I (Madelung collar), affecting predominantly males with fat accumulation in the neck, nape of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, and upper back; and (2) type II, which also affects women and is characterized by a female fat distribution in the upper back, deltoid region, upper arms, hips, and upper thigh region, giving the appearance of simple obesity.
Similarly, the entry wound of the second bullet was of 1 inch diameter and oval- shaped on the posterior aspect of the right deltoid region.
Sensory blockade of the shoulder block is limited to the cutaneous distribution of the axillary nerve over the deltoid region.