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Denoting a solid capable of deliquescence.


The process of becoming liquefied or moist by absorbing of water from the air. Ordinary table salt has this property.
deliquescent, adjective


Having the property of taking up water from the atmosphere in sufficient quantity to dissolve itself.


(of a substance) becoming liquid by dissolving in water absorbed from the surrounding atmosphere.
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I seem to linger over the ruins of deliquescent knowledge, whose pathetic failure should have prefigured for us much earlier [than it did] the prodromal warnings of an explosion: that of October '88.
Their work in the past (Seltz Bar and Felix Gasull, AR March 1994) has conveyed exuberance - the reverse of Dali's Freudian fantasising and deliquescent obsessions.
14) As poems which aspire to be grand and durable compare themselves with temples, so Porphyry makes this Cave a sacred monument; if it is dark and solid, but at the same time deliquescent, filled with images and susceptible of many interpretations (pp.
I'm shaking you awake and you, giving me all kinds of grief, with your right hand resting on the warm density of her hip, your muscles, bones, and joints almost deliquescent in that tiny lake of heat, your eyes resistant to the bit of light I'm bringing you.
These were the glory days of terra nova and new frontiers, of fresh dreams after the deliquescent Claudian twilight.
Lot 5 modernization of the gas drying deliquescent salts Gas Coolers.
Si la confrontation entre les Zentanis et les combattants de la coalition islamiste de [beaucoup moins que] Fajr Libya [beaucoup plus grand que] fait rage, depuis le 11 octobre, la reprise de l'offensive du general Khalifa Haftar exprime l'etat deliquescent d'un pays livre a la folie destructrice des milices.
The invention relates to an indicator comprising a substrate and an optical grating structure fabricated on the substrate, the grating structure being formed from an indicator material comprising a binder and deliquescent salt and varying in volume by the effect of moisture.
What remains are reindeer and sheepherders, a deliquescent service industry, people with second homes and others whose occupations one can only guess at.
If there is a weakness to the book, it is that by the end Thomson's account of the Darwinian moment is almost deliquescent.
Heliker seems to have been afflicted with deliquescent perceptions, which he then tried to fix on paper; the drawings have an evanescent quality, like tomb rubbings made on extremely worn stone.
Calcium chloride is both strongly hygroscopic (attracts water) and deliquescent (the solid can dissolve by absorbing atmospheric water).