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Etymology: L, delinquere, to fail
1 negligence or failure to fulfill a duty or obligation.
2 an offense, fault, misdemeanor, or misdeed; a tendency to commit such acts. See also juvenile delinquency.


Psychology The participation in any of a number of antisocial acts–eg, truancy, vandalism, sexual promiscuity, shoplifting, gang wars, homicide; delinquency most often occurs during adolescence, hence, juvenile delinquent

Patient discussion about delinquency

Q. Can someone please explain the reason for juvenile delinquency?

A. Juvenile delinquency is not necessarily a trait of bipolar disorder, although it is possible for a person with bipolar disorder to act on impulse while experiencing an episode. To use Justins example, shop lifting, an adult in a manic episode may spend all of their money without thought or reason, where a child/youth may not have money to spend which may lead to shop lifting. In a manic episode Justin is right the lines between right and wrong can be blurred, thus the person suffering may make poor decisions and can find themselves in trouble with the law.

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In northern California, the $8 billion The Golden 1 Credit Union reduced its reportable modified real estate delinquencies from $20.
Mortgage delinquencies on subprime loans in New Hampshire increased by 156 basis points to 14.
But one sign of hope is that the rate of increase in delinquencies appears to be slowing in both troubled states and nationwide.
26% of all loans within the sector, retail delinquencies increased 29% over July's total,' said Managing Director and U.
In a press release, the company said that while overall mortgage delinquencies have dropped nearly 41 percent from their peak period through the third quarter of 2013, subprime borrower delinquencies have dropped only about 15 percent from the first quarter of 2010 to last year's third quarter.
These delinquency rates are still below the IQ 2010 peak rates, and are likely to be the apex in delinquencies barring a retain to recession.
Home equity loan delinquencies also rose 40 basis points to 3.
TransUnion's forecasting models for the national 90-day delinquency rate predict that credit card delinquencies will continue to rise in 2009, potentially moving near 1.
As Fitch has previously noted, a high concentration of delinquencies within the index (15.
84 percent, and will continue to be a problem in 2012, "with delinquencies likely to climb further as longer-term leases continue to roll," said Mary MacNeill, managing director at Fitch.
Overall, CMBS delinquencies are in the 200 basis-point range, but this all-inclusive number is driven up by the very high delinquencies being exhibited by hospitality (around 600 bp), and health care (around 1100 bp).
Despite the transaction's extremely high delinquencies and foreclosures, Fitch expects losses to be well below "AAA" or "AA" requirements.