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RADIOTHERAPY Material used to represent treatment field borders.
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The usual application of delineators is at the places of merging onto highways at toll booths, parking places, entries to bridges and into tunnels, intersections of roads and railway lines.
Each delineator can be controlled independently or as a series of delineators which receive orders from a single control unit.
In addition to the metering light adjustments, work crews this weekend will install flexible white delineators between the toll plaza and the metering lights to separate the FasTrak-only lanes from the adjacent cash lanes, and to prevent congestion caused by merging vehicles exiting the toll booths.
This document solicits pricing for: Traffic Signs and Delineators.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing Glow Studs, Post delineators on various roads in connection with Annual Repair and Maintenance of to various roads under Sub-division M-3124, PWD CRMD M-312 during 2014-15.
Quixote Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of energy-absorbing highway crash cushions, electronic wireless measuring and sensing devices, weather forecasting systems, computerized highway advisory radio transmitting systems, intelligent intersection control systems, flexible post delineators and other transportation safety products.
In March 1995, the Corps proposed in the Federal Register a program that will allow the Corps to rely on private sector wetlands delineators.
First, the Crush Cone is of much higher quality than current cones and delineators presently on the market.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Laying Hot Applied Thermoplastic Compound, Supply & Fixing Of Delineators & Raised Pavement Markers, Hoisting Overhead Structure, Retro Reflective Signboard, And Other Signage S Work Km.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Road Delineators.
Tenders are invited for Supply of metal delineators 900 mm long, road cat eyes and warning / cautionary sign boards of triangular shape 900 mm at 1001 (i) espl for road works on jammu-srinagar road and dhar-udhampur road under 35 brtf in j and k state
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Steel Delineators 3 Feet Long As Per Morth Guide Lines At 531 Sstc At Rishikesh Under 21 Brtf Of Project Sivalik In Uttarakhand State