delayed puberty

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delayed puberty

lack of any signs of puberty by age 14 years in either sex.

de·layed pu·ber·ty

(dĕ-lād' pyū'bĕr-tē)
Lack of any signs of puberty by age 14 years in either sex.


the time at which reproduction by an individual animal becomes possible for the first time; a term used infrequently in veterinary medicine but there is no other word which can substitute for it.

delayed puberty
varies widely between species and between breeds; negatively influenced by undernutrition and obesity.
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A longitudinal evaluation of bone mineral density in adult men with histories of delayed puberty.
This was first found in a patient with Kallmann syndrome - delayed puberty coupled with the inability to smell.
Look carefully for evidence of delayed puberty and hypoestrogenemia.
Adolescent males taking Testopel for delayed puberty should have bone development checked every 6 months.
The compounds also have been associated with delayed puberty and altered estradiol levels in female animals.
Approximately 10% of the cases occur in children, which can cause delayed puberty and growth problems.
These investigators found that DACT delayed puberty in female rats, and DIA, DEA, and DACT delayed puberty in males.
It was already known that low bone mass occurs in patients with JIA, because of risk factors such as chronic inflammation, delayed puberty, malnutrition, weakness, inactivity and treatment with steroid medications.
First, polybrominated biphenyl exposures have been associated with earlier menarche in girls, whereas experimental models show delayed puberty, a discordance that may be due to timing of exposure (Blanck et al.
Monitoring Estradiol, a Form of Estrogen, Helps Doctors Evaluate Ovarian Function and Other Conditions Including Early or Delayed Puberty, Infertility and Menopause -
The endocrine effects reported in flogs are consistent with published studies of endocrine effects in atrazine-exposed rats, including delayed puberty in male (Stoker et al.