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All the patients who had delayed graft function required hemodialysis post-surgery for optimization of kidney function.
Uni- and multi-variate analyses of donor variables associated with delayed graft function in development cohort
Delayed graft function and the risk of death with graft function in living donor kidney transplant recipients.
Studies focused on NGAL revealed high serum and urinary levels in patients with delayed graft function, defined as the need for dialysis in the first week after transplantation, concluding that urinary and serum NGAL measurement could be a promising biomarker in the early post-transplantation period [30-31].
The reason why ischemia did not result in acute tubular necrosis, delayed graft function in this patient is that this kidney had started diuresing postoperatively and later due to vascular kink ceased diuresing.
As BMI increased, patients had significantly higher rates of delayed graft function.
Delayed graft function (DGF) was defined as a requirement for dialysis during the first 2 weeks after transplantation.
PA401 has also been granted Orphan Drug designation in the US and EU for the "prevention of delayed graft function after solid organ transplantation".
Unfortunately, expanded criteria kidneys often caused a delayed graft function, which typically resulted in a more complicated postoperative course.
Also, the Phase II study also shows that IdeS treatment resulted in negative cross match test in all patients, none of the transplanted patients experienced delayed graft function and all 10 transplantations resulted in very good creatinine levels.
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