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For example, the FOMC provides a two-year out forecast for the inflation rate, using the PCE deflator as its measure.
More generally, while price deflators for personal computers (PCs) often are estimated with hedonic techniques, the nexus of innovation has moved beyond PCs to mobile devices and areas that are, perhaps, less visible like navigation equipment (GPS).
After abstracting from short-term movements caused by economic disruptions, recessions, and wars, inflation is ultimately a monetary phenomenon: since 1929, the average annual percentage increase in the GDP deflator has been 2.
Den Haan (2000) found that the correlation of short-horizon forecast errors in the United States are negative or small when real GDP and the GDP deflator measure price and output.
9) Among the other three, the RMSE of the GDP deflator forecast is always lower than the RMSEs for the CPI and the PCEPI.
In 1988 the GDP deflator was significantly higher than the CPI because of higher deflators for exports, capital formation and government final expenditures.
We conclude by presenting our VECM forecast of the core PCE deflator for 2003.
Therefore, Appendix A presents an economics model of asset prices in which the state-price deflator for real dividends (measured in units of consumption) can be identified with the marginal utility of a representative agent.
Panel A of figure 2 displays the log of our measure of real marginal cost and inflation measured using the GDP deflator for the sample 1959-2001.
The procedure used to estimate the current month's personal consumption expenditure deflator (used in the calculation of real money supply and commercial and industrial loans outstanding) now incorporates the current month's consumer price index when it is available before the release of the U.
The CPI, Japan's key price gauge, shows the trend has been continuing for more than two years, while the GDP deflator indicates deflationary pressure since the mid-1990s, the copy says.
Under a dual-index method, a cumulative deflator index is computed, employing year-end FIFO costs, and then is used to determine base-year cost.