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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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They should be booked for causing damage to private property,' said a victim of the cops' deflating exercise.
Pettit's tough but elastic formula stands up to multiple cycles of inflating and deflating.
In either case Esser seems to be attempting to unravel the codes of the picturesque, deflating the dramas of perspective and the carefully shaped view.
I left there feeling the pppbbblllltt of a deflating balloon.
But deflating the power of race and deflating the power of racism are two different things.
Fossett said he had some problems deflating the balloon, but his ground crew, who had chased him in a helicopter, helped him.
Exclusive to The Food Institute, these preliminary real sales estimates are derived by deflating Bureau of Census sales figures by the trade group's own Grocery Store Price Index (weighted for food and non-food products and the association's Eating & Drinking Place Price Index (weighted for food and alcoholic beverages).
However, when microscopic, balloon-like vesicles spilled open recently in a French laboratory, they took their time deflating, bringing smiles to the researchers' faces.
Well, yes, those who don't accept the teaching of the Church--which is the teaching of Christ--are bound to blame her for deflating their own designs.