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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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In Sections 5-6, we modify the basic setting by introducing an oblique projection that enables us to deflate approximate (possibly generalized) eigenspaces and to introduce a truly deflated GMRes method.
A revolutionary road hump which is designed to deflate for emergency vehicles and drivers going under the speed limit has been unveiled.
It can not only be set to close at a predetermined speed - between five and 30mph - but also incorporates a facility which allows the units to deflate when passed over by large emergency fire vehicles at speed.
Some implants deflate (or rupture) in the first few months after being implanted and some deflate after several years; yet others are intact 10 or more years after the surgery.
Tansey deflates these key moments of discovery with a knowing whimsy, but, you want to ask, What does he know?
While many of our readers have written in to say, 'Right on--it's about time someone deflates the self-esteem hype,' just as many are saying, 'These findings don't map onto my personal experiences.