definitive method

de·fin·i·tive meth·od

an analytic procedure for the measurement of a specified analyte in a specified material, which is known to give essentially the true value for the concentration of the analyte.
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Unlike pulse oximeters or patient-connected hemoglobin monitors, this new class of continuous glucose monitors will require routine calibration and excellent agreement to a definitive method.
The attempt at murder having failed, you decided on a more ruthless and definitive method of killing.
Utilizing the USDA's 149 MHz technology, the GAC[R] 2500 provides superior accuracy in grain analysis when compared to the air-oven method, the industry-recognized definitive method for determining moisture content in grain.
Intubation remains the definitive method of airway management in the trauma patient but presents a greater challenge in the paediatric population than in adults.
Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory and the Structural Engineers of New Hampshire collaborated on the publication of a definitive method of determining snow loads throughout the state, "Ground Snow Loads For New Hampshire.
If the application to the scheme is successful restaurants,cafes and food producers will only be able to refer to a dish as Scouse if it has been made using their definitive method.
Determination of steroid hormones by the use of isotope dilution mass spectrometry: a definitive method in clinical chemistry.
Challenges are inevitable, and my ACE system is not meant to be a panacea, or a definitive method to get past them.
We compare the porosity in the sample against a wall chart that shows different amounts of porosity, but our customers want a more definitive method for verifying gas porosity levels.
Surgery is the only definitive method of treatment and nowadays it usually involves insertion of a plastic lens inside the front of the eye which should give him excellent vision.
DNA identification is the most precise and definitive method available for confirming parentage.
Because of the on-going debate between the two groups and the absence of a single definitive method of enhancing muscular power, it is doubtful whether the controversy will be resolved in the foreseeable future.