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1 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. différer, to differ, fr L. diferre, carry in different directions, differ]
To delay or postpone a decision or action.

2 defer

(dĕ-fer′) [Fr. déférer, fr L. deferre, to carry down, report, accuse]
To yield respectfully to the opinions or desires of others.
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By analysing the causes of the deferral of blood donors being presented at a blood bank, we can reduce the risk factors for both the donors and recipients.
AABB and blood bank guidelines were used for selection and deferral of blood donors.
As required, he notified his mortgage company, which assured him it understood that he had been granted a tax deferral and would no longer need to have his taxes paid from his escrow account.
The rate and reasons for deferral differ from region to region and from one centre to other.
The new EPCRS correction procedure provides a third safe harbor when correct deferrals begin more than three months after the deferral failure first occurred, but no later than the first payment of compensation made on or after the last day of the second plan year following that in which the failure occurred.
Conclusion: Analysis of deferral patterns may help medical personnel and doctors to be more focused in donor screening, especially of those who are having higher frequency.
It is important to note that this process is just beginning and that the lifetime blood donation deferral for MSM is currently still in place.
As my firm has stopped giving us pay increases on a consistent basis, I have struggled to continue with yearly deferral increases myself.
In this study, causes of donor deferral were evaluated.
Subsequent deferral elections are changes made to the time and form of payment under a deferred compensation plan after the initial election.
However, if made part of a subsequent deferral election, these payment dates may not be effective until at least 12 months after the election is made (Regs.
According to Joseph Field, a senior partner at Withers Bergman in New York, "in the view of my firm, nonqualified compensation arrangements now subject to Section 409A rules include salary and bonus deferral plans, supplemental executive retirement plans, stock options giving the optionee the right to purchase stock at a price below fair market value at the date of the grant, most stock appreciation right plans and restricted stock unit plans.