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To perform defecation.


v. defe·cated, defe·cating, defe·cates
To void feces from the bowels.
1. To void (feces) from the bowels.
2. To remove impurities from (a liquid, such as fruit juice), especially in sugar refining.

def′e·ca′tion n.
def′e·ca′tor n.


To perform defecation.


To pass feces (stool) out of the rectum through the anus.
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the act of defecation.

Patient discussion about defecate

Q. Can pregnancy cause an increase in bowel movements? After very long years now I am 7 wks pregnant with my first child and I have noticed that I'm having more frequent bowel movements during this pregnancy. They are neither loose nor hard out of the ordinary. My husband is little bit afraid of what’s happening with me. I too fear of it. I don’t want to loose him. Has anyone else experienced this, and is this normal? Can pregnancy cause an increase in bowel movements?

A. It is nothing to worry maria. It’s a usual happening during pregnancy. Here I am 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and I too experience frequent bowel movements (2-4/day). It feels as if I am not gaining any weight b/c everything that goes in goes right out. I know this is okay. Here we can get an expert's opinion on this. So don’t worry and comfort your loving and caring husband. My best wishes for your healthy first baby.

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Singh, a Sikh who wears a turban, claims the complaint against him was motivated by racism and denies that he defecated at the time of the incident.
On the first two occasions, the man entered the station and defecated by the south stairs.
Mr Singh claims the complaint against him was motivated by racism and denies he defecated.
The intruders smashed every double-glazed window on one side of the school, tossed children's work on to the playground, smashed up furniture and equipment and urinated and defecated in both classrooms.
If not, someone would have had to have defecated on the strawberries intentionally.
A Chinese toddler travelling with his parents and grandparents defecated on his seat aboard Delta Airlines as they traveled to Beijing from Detroit, according to Chinese media.
A TEEN thug whose gang broke into a women's refuge and defecated on the floor was detained for nine months yesterday.
While this training is going on, your dog should be allowed into the area where he has previously inappropriately defecated only with strict supervision.
The district court held that the prisoner satisfied the objective component of his Eighth Amendment claim by alleging he was placed in the restraint despite a medical condition that precluded its use, for over nine hours on a hot day, without food or water, while being denied the opportunity to go to the bathroom or to clean himself after he defecated in his pants.
The Komodos apparently defecated in the enclosure and then walked around in it, spreading the particularly virulent bacteria to the barriers, Hoffman said.
I've been at a party when a celebrity defecated on the lawn," the superstar revealed.
Meantime, his Akita "Chachi" escaped through the open gate, crossed the street and defecated on a neighbor's ivy.