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The non-recovery of heavy amounts from the defaulters has led to increase in circular debt.
The survey found that knowing a defaulter does not completely tarnish consumers' view of housing as a safe investment.
When fine defaulters were bailed or arrested and taken to court they appeared before a panel of magistrates at a Fines Court, where their fines were reviewed.
John Grant Jones,Magistrates' Courts Chief Executive and chairman of the Local Criminal Justice Board, said: ``The initiative was aimed at delivering a strong message to fine defaulters that court orders will be enforced.
Different public sector department are defaulters of Multan Electric Power Company's dues worth over Rs625 million and the company has issued final notices to them to pay their outstanding bills till December 24.
Chapter One defines the defaulters, consumer and installed loans,
The Income-Tax department has once again named tax defaulters in the country on its website.
Currently, information about wilful defaulters of bank loans are shared with Sebi and others, including credit information agencies like Credit Information Bureau Limited ( Cibil), on a quarterly basis.
In case of nonpayment of arrears, disconnection of the premises, arresting of the defaulters and confiscation of the property will also be done, under the new rules.
249 Million dues to Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture disconnected defaulters of Hazara Circle.
Earlier, the government had said some banks have initiated the process of declaring debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines as wilful defaulter.
According to Mepco sources, various teams launched a crackdown on defaulters in all sub-divisions of the circle from July 2017 to September.