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n 1. an omission of that which should be done.
v 2. to fail to fulfill an obligation or a promise.
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com/ie, will be sent as an automatic security update and will be used as the default browser for the company's new Windows Vista operating system.
This application can even be configured to automatically launch your default browser and perform a Google or MSN search for the selected process name.
When you first use it, Firefox will ask if you want to make it your default browser - this is an important step.
Secunia recommends that users change the default browser setting so that files are not automatically opened after they are downloaded, they do not go online as a "privileged user" and that they rename the help handler.
You can choose to makeAvant your default browser (in other words,links clicked in e- mail messages will open in Avant), or leaveExplorer as the default if you'd prefer.
Commenting about IE's relationship to Shop Online for Music, a Microsoft spokesperson yesterday claimed a provision of the antitrust settlement permits IE to become the default browser when there are certain technology requirements associated with the web site, such as use of ActiveX controls.
Click OK and your default browser will open and take you to the site.
Next time you start IE it should set itself as your default browser and fix the problem.
To open one of these URLs in your default browser, hold down the Command key and click on the URL.
It does not require that IE is the user's default browser.
The agreement bumped Netscape's software as the default browser - the one customers automatically see when they first sign up to the AT&T WorldNet service.