mesangial cell

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mes·an·gi·al cell

a phagocytic cell in the capillary tuft of the renal glomerulus, interposed between endothelial cells and the basement membrane in the central or stalk region of the tuft.


of the nature of or pertaining to mesangium.

mesangial cell
connective tissue cells of the glomerulus; occur singly or in pairs in a thin matrix.
mesangial sclerosis
increased mesangial matrix.
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This combination of hardware and software delivers excellent resolution, contrast, and cell penetration depths for deep cell and tissue imaging with live-cell super-resolution 3D sectioning.
This dual energy supply charges 12 volt deep cell batteries housed within the sculpture.
5 ton, 18,000 BTU split version of the Millennia demonstrates how it uses solar or wind DC and or grid AC energy sources to charge on-board deep cell batteries that power its 24 or 48 volt internal system.
As a fantastic teaching aid, on the roof there is a wind turbine assisted by another solar panel which feeds energy into the transformer which then sends electricity to be stored in the deep cell batteries.
I see a blue-haired, barefoot man walking by in deep cell phone conversation.
The property at 100 Southgate Parkway is currently undergoing a substantial repositioning program scheduled for completion in February 2000, including new atrium glass, new granite and wood lobbies, new fire sprinkler system, modernized HVAC, and deep cell parabolic light fixtures.
They offer refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners that run on solar panels and deep cell batteries, as well as, environmentally-friendly, non-metallic hot water heaters that are guaranteed for as long as you live in your home.
Battery Brain has been independently tested to extend the life of batteries by preventing deep cell cycling where the battery can run out of a charge.
It supports all charging modes including trickle charge for deep cell discharge conditioning, constant current for maximum charging speed, and constant voltage for final top-off of the battery.